We focus on a business vision that directs us towards a more sustainable emerging world, with an energy system based on savings, efficiency and the development of renewable energies. We promote the development of new environmentally friendly energies (photovoltaic and thermal solar energy, wind energy, biomass, etc…), the efficient use of it (LED lighting, energy saving systems, capacitor batteries, etc…) and its effective storage (Hydrogen accumulation, Lithium batteries, etc…). Always guaranteeing a high degree of quality in all our processes and projects.



Analysis and diagnosis of facilities

An experienced team will analyze in depth the operation of the facilities. This team will take measurements to develop an improvement plan for your facility.

Once all the necessary information on energy consumption has been obtained, it is analyzed, and a detailed report on improvements in efficiency and performance is offered to the client. With this action, we propose the best solutions to optimize consumption and improve the competitiveness of the business.

Energy efficiency studies

We seek a maximum reduction of our clients’ energy consumption in their daily lives.

  • Through an analysis of your installation we guarantee: Determine their current energy consumption situation, and based on said study, offer them the best solutions to achieve optimal use of energy.
  • Use our knowledge to put them into operation and offer them a shock plan with which, from the least amount of energy, the greatest possible benefit is obtained.

Technical-economic viability projects

Through the advice of technical specialists, we provide our clients with the necessary tools to carry out their project. Furthermore, we treat each of our projects in a personalized way, taking into account the particular nature of each case and the specific market sector.

We know how important it is for our clients to have reliable and quality help, which allows them to address their needs with objectivity, dedication, with the greatest attention and with the highest team spirit. Therefore, with Isoluciones you will get that and much more for your new entrepreneurial project.

Monitoring and direction of works

We put at your disposal a team of specialists in monitoring and directing works. This team of technical professionals, through the latest available technologies, guarantees periodic monitoring of the progress of construction, in an innovative and efficient way.

Our commitment lies in adapting the different equipment we use to the needs that our clients demand. All this, through high quality results that adapt to the demands described by our clients.

Legalization of facilities

For any installation that you want to legalize, the continuous supervision and verification of a technical specialist is necessary. Therefore, we offer the best advisory service based on our extensive experience in all types of installations (electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, solar, etc.).

  • We design and project the facilities in compliance with current regulations.
  • We write the technical documentation required by current regulations.
  • We prepare a prior opinion on the installation. In addition, this opinion will allow you to request a repair estimate.
  • We work with approved inspection and control organizations, being present throughout the entire process related to the inspection and construction of the facilities.
  • We carry out the pertinent procedures associated with the procedures of the file before official organizations.

Energy Savings

M.T and B.T electrical installations

Today, facilities are facing accelerated deterioration, which causes significant energy and economic losses mainly due to obsolescence and lack of efficiency. Aspects such as heating, bypasses, poor condition of switchgear and others, which lead to excessive and unnecessary energy consumption.

Faced with this, through an exhaustive analysis of your installation, added to preventive maintenance that guarantees a long useful life of it, our brand offers its clients maximum energy efficiency in their facilities, achieving significant economic and energy savings thanks to an innovative design and the latest in technology.

Thermal Installations

In all types of thermal installations, aspects such as poor insulation or pressure failures in the pumps cause unnecessary energy consumption, as well as a poor supply of heated air currents, which leads to significant economic losses and quality of service.

After studying the situation of the installation in detail and designing the most appropriate solution, we implement the thermal installation with the most advanced and reliable technology on the market. Guaranteeing an optimal and efficient installation at all times.

Self-consumption and generation

The term self-consumption is used for those consumers who use the energy they themselves produce through small installations located mainly in their buildings. While distributed generation is established around a set of small-power electrical generation systems connected within distribution networks for nearby consumption.

Due to the time of energy transition, these electricity generation technologies have become greatly cheaper, currently giving them great competitiveness with respect to electricity prices.

We have extensive experience in the design, implementation and operation of self-generation systems for all types of clients. Based on this experience, we offer differentiated and personalized solutions ensuring clean and renewable energy generation that allows decoupling part of the cost from the energy market.

Sustainable Mobility

The automotive sector is being a key sector in leadership towards climate change. The progressive replacement of internal combustion vehicles with alternative, renewable and clean fuels is achieving high percentages of reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

We want to be part of and promote this spirit of change towards a better world for all. To this end, we offer companies in the sector the development of comprehensive and cutting-edge projects that produce an increase in the profitability of the fuels of the future (Hydrogen, biogas, electricity…), efficiently integrating the present technology. in the market.

This integration of the new technology of the future allows us to create efficient and optimal systems that reduce the costs associated with the massive consumption of fossil fuels, and provide companies with European quality seals for leading green companies.

Renewable energy


Several years of experience in the industrial sector, designing and installing photovoltaic installations, provide us with knowledge of the applicable techniques, current regulations, and in general, the different possibilities offered by the market in reference to current systems and products.

Furthermore, our technical team is committed to advising the client at all times so that they can determine, based on what they need, the connection method for their future installation. Among others: self-consumption, with or without surplus, with or without storage, isolated, switched connections…

Solar Thermal

Within the different types of existing solar thermal energy, our company focuses on the use of collectors for the production of DHW and heating applications.

This type of installation, through hot water tanks, guarantees efficient storage that allows a safe implementation to be developed for both domestic and other installations.

This technology is usually used to support gas installations or electrical installations, although it can also be implemented to generate significant savings in heat input in heating systems or swimming pools.

Among the great advantages we find: a long life of the equipment, simple maintenance that does not require monthly checks and the simplicity of its handling.


We focus on mini-wind installations, although occasionally, we also carry out work adaptable to large companies in the wind sector.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the mini-wind sector for isolated installations for private uses. With an extensive history of projects developed for isolated generation with low-power wind turbines, intended for research and R&D.

Based on the leadership of this energy and our experience, we offer the design of new prototypes and installation systems that optimize wind capture, always providing our clients with high performance depending on what they need.


We offer our clients a Hydrogen production system, through the efficient integration of the most advanced technology on the market. We also guarantee that these systems do not produce polluting emissions.

One of the main advantages that Hydrogen has is that it is perfectly storable and easily transportable. This storage capacity mitigates the intermittency associated with renewable energies, allowing hydrogen to be produced from an electricity supply to be stored and reconverted into electricity at the most beneficial moment.

We have a long history of elaborate research projects, which have allowed our clients to derive energy surpluses for the production of Hydrogen.


We have carried out a large number of market studies aimed at investigating and determining the most profitable purposes for renewable energy.

  • Self-consumption: It is one of the applications most in demand by individuals. It consists of the consumption of self-generated energy in an installation, alternatively allowing consumption of energy from the network at times when this energy is not enough. Furthermore, when not all of the energy generated is consumed, these surpluses can be sold by injection into the grid. These types of systems allow our clients to reduce costs and achieve significant energy and economic savings in their facilities.
  • Isolated: In isolated generation facilities there is no method of connection to the electrical grid, so it is not possible to consume electricity from the grid. In these systems, electricity consumption occurs instantly, with the surplus stored in batteries for later use. This type of technology allows us significant economic savings and a good image as a producer of clean energy. In addition, they have the advantage of having simple communication through batteries and not having to pay taxes, which makes it very competitive compared to grid supply.
  • Network Connections: It is one of the applications most in demand by companies. It consists of the injection into the grid of all the energy generated by the installation. This type of systems allows our clients to achieve important economic benefits from their facilities.
  • Agricultural and livestock applications: It is one of the most demanded uses of renewable energies, thanks to its reliability, simplicity in obtaining energy, and the fact that the electrical energy produced can be used directly in pumps, irrigation systems and driving machinery.

Comprehensive maintenance


We take care of the efficient and continuous operation of systems and equipment in a given environment. These facilities go beyond simply repairing problems when they arise, focusing on prevention, optimization and comprehensive resource management to ensure optimal performance over time.

We carry out a complete and personalized analysis of your facilities, and after this, a personalized maintenance plan is developed that ranges from planning preventive interventions to emergency management.


We develop maintenance plans adapted to the specific needs of your building, anticipating possible problems and maximizing the useful life of your facilities. In addition, we optimize the management of your assets through advanced technologies, ensuring optimal use of your resources and reducing costs to long term.

We guarantee efficient and continuous operation of your facilities, minimizing interruptions and improving productivity.


In the industrial, commercial or institutional field, comprehensive maintenance facilities are essential to ensure the uninterrupted operation of machinery, electrical systems, infrastructure and other critical components. This approach encompasses a variety of services, from inspection and preventive maintenance to efficient asset management and the implementation of advanced technologies.

We have a highly qualified team of industrial professionals. Our experts not only possess solid technical knowledge, but also understand the specific challenges of your sector, ensuring solutions tailored to your unique needs.


The presentation and efficient operation of spaces are crucial, our Comprehensive Cleaning and Maintenance offering is presented as the complete solution to ensure that your environment not only looks impeccable, but also functions optimally.

From corporate offices to industrial spaces, we offer cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. Our team of highly trained professionals uses state-of-the-art cleaning methods and products to ensure exceptional results. We perform thorough cleanings, daily or scheduled maintenance, and we adapt to your schedules so as not to interfere with your normal operations.


Automatic doors

In the modern world, comfort and efficiency are key factors in space optimization. Automatic doors represent the cutting edge in the interaction with commercial, industrial and residential environments, offering not only fluid access, but also an improved experience for users and customers.

Their intelligent design, combined with innovative features, makes them an essential choice for those looking to improve efficiency and user experience in any environment.

Garage doors

Automatic garage doors have revolutionized the way we approach entering and exiting our homes, offering a perfect balance between convenience, security and style. These innovative solutions not only make everyday life easier, but also elevate the functionality and aesthetics of our residential spaces.

Automatic garage doors incorporate sensors that detect obstacles, avoiding accidents and guaranteeing the safety of people and vehicles. We make sure to carry out the proper installation to ensure optimal performance and maximum durability of your automatic garage door.

Access control

Automatic access control emerges as a cutting-edge solution to guarantee the protection of commercial, industrial and residential spaces. This technology offers an unprecedented level of security and convenience, enabling efficient and accurate management of who enters and leaves a given environment.

Installation and maintenance on our part guarantees optimal operation of the system and its effective integration with other security components, in order to ensure continuous and reliable performance of the system.

Pumping systems

In hydraulic infrastructure and water supply systems, pumping systems play a fundamental role in ensuring the constant and controlled flow of this essential resource. Whether supplying drinking water to communities, irrigating agricultural fields, or managing drainage in industrial facilities, these systems represent the backbone of modern hydraulic engineering.

A well-planned design is essential to ensure optimal system performance and meet specific application requirements, as factors such as pressure, capacity, or efficiency must be carefully considered. For this reason, our preventive maintenance guarantees constant operation and avoids costly problems in the long term.


Civil works and masonry

When it comes to construction projects, choosing a civil engineering and masonry service is crucial to guarantee not only the quality of the final structure, but also the satisfaction and peace of mind of the client.

Our company is proud to offer a complete service ranging from planning to execution of construction projects, with a specialized focus on civil works and masonry. We understand that each project is unique and requires detailed planning.

Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their needs and expectations. From the conception of the project we ensure that every detail is meticulously addressed.